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To prevent unwanted behavior and many medical problems we recommend spaying or neutering your pet between the ages of five to six months. If your pet is older and not spayed or neutered we recommend having the procedure done as soon as possible because as pets age medical problems can arise. Our Altering Package includes CBC, nerve block and pain medication, with the option of adding surgical/therapeutic laser use and/or additional bloodwork.

Declawing, on the front paws only, can be done at any age over eight weeks, if your cat has already been altered. We routinely perform declawing at the same time as the spaying and neutering. Our Declaw package includes CBC, surgical and therapeutic laser usage, nerve block and pain medication.

  • Surgical Laser

We are pleased to offer laser surgery for safe, comfortable treatment for your pet. There are several benefits of laser surgery. Less Pain – the laser seals nerve endings as it “cuts”, reducing pain after the surgery. Less Bleeding – the laser seals small blood vessels during the surgery, greatly reducing blood loss. Less Swelling – the laser energy does not crush, tear, or bruise the tissue because there is no physical contact with the tissue. This can reduce your pet’s post-operative recovery time, leading to a quicker recovery and return to normal activities.

  • Post-surgery laser therapy treatment

Unlike the surgical laser which cuts, the therapy laser uses a beam of laser light to enhance healing, reduce pain and reduce inflammation.

  • Pain Management Injection

An anti-inflammatory injection during the time of surgery will help control pain and inflammation for approximately 24 hours after the surgical procedure.

  • Nerve Block (Local Anesthetic)

Local anesthetics work by blocking the transmission of nerve signals to the brain from the area that was injected. A nerve block will be performed at the surgical incision site. This blocks pain signals for several hours after surgery and helps produce a calm, peaceful recovery from surgery. Only used when appropriate.


We recommend an exam with one of our doctors to evaluate your pets dental care needs.

Routinely brushing your pets' teeth with appropriate toothpaste is recommended. As your pet ages they may require dental cleanings to help ensure that they stay healthy. Dental disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats.

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